Paulo Bouwman

Paulo Alexandre Bouwman, born January 24, 1986 in Tavira, Portugal, came at the age of 9 to the Netherlands. On his 11th he started playing his first instrument, the guitar. Three years after he had studied guitar, the keyboard followed then he quite quickly switched to the piano.


Through his fascination for music and his inspiration from Paulino Vieira, Paulo started playing other instruments. Meanwhile, he plays several instruments, including the cavaquinho (a kind of ukulele), drums, saxophone and bass and electric guitar.


In 2009, Paulo studied at the Codarts Rotterdam School of the Arts (Rotterdam Conservatory). He graduated in 2013 with guitar as the main instrument in the World Music department (Brazilian/Latin/Jazz).


Paulo was active in the Migrant Parish Nossa Senhora da Paz, where he taught guitar at the music school of the church. From his 17th till his 22nd he was the conductor of the children's choir Nelson Mandela. Now he teaches guitar for the Rotterdam based guitarschool 'De Gitaaracademie'.


Paulo is well known guitarist in the Cape Verdean music scene. Besides that, he is also one of the guitarplayers that is asked to play in ensembles for Brazilian, Jazz, Pop and Soul. He also plays as an accompanist or band leader of various artists such as Dina Medina, Tito Paris, Lilian Vieira, Lura, Mariana Ramos, Melissa Fortes, Sonia Andrade and Evita Tjon A Ten.