Paulo Bouwman


Rabasa is a typical exponent of the Cape Verdian diaspora. They have lived in the vicinity of the Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam for many years now. In this city the success of a band that is now a respected guest of international podia and festivals, started.

João Ortet - lead vocals, cavaquinho, guitar, ferrinho; Teresinha Fernandes - lead vocals, percussion; Jorge Ortet - guitar, vocals,;Tó Ortet - bass guitar, vocals; Paulo Bouwman - guitar, vocals, percussion; Angelito Ortet - harmonica, vocals, percussion; Kabiné Tagus Traoré - trumpet, percussion; Hans de Lange - drums, percussion.


Trio Sodade

Three worlds have met and create a mix of world music. Floor Polder plays flute, influenced by Jazz, Brazilian and Cuban music. Marco Santos plays percussion with and extreme range of colours and rhythms from Jazz, the Middle East, Latin and Africa. Paulo Bouwman plays 7-string guitar, of course from the Brazilian tradition, but also mixing the Capeverdean music tradition in it.


Dina Medina

THE voice of the Cape Verdean music in the Netherlands is Dina Medina. Born in Schiedam, but grew up with the music of the West African islands - the homeland of her parents - she dominates the repertoire from all genres of Cape Verdean music. She sings her songs not only in our country, but also in Africa, the USA and elsewhere in Europe.


Evita Tjon a Ten

Evita is the Caramel singer of the Netherlands. Her Surinam roots are blended with Chinese, Creole, Hindi, Scottish and German. This diversity of roots are the basics of her music that consists of Surinam, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Reggea, Brazilian, Capeverdean and Classical music.



Loreley is the musical alter-ego of singer and violinist Renske Wassink. In 2008 she graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory in the direction of jazz vocals. The love for jazz is great, but it is not the only style. There are many different styles in her own compositions: from classical, to pop and world music. Her inquisitive and critical view of the world is reflected in her lyrics that she brings into to the pucblic in groovy pop songs where the sun shines through it.


Mariana Ramos

Paris based Cape Verdean singer Mariana Ramos was born in Senegal. Her farther, Toy Ramos, is one of the origninal members of the well known Cape Verdean band 'Voz de Cabo Verde'. Mariana Ramos sings traditional Cape Verdean music such as morna, coladera and batuque.



Maria de Lurdes Assunção Pina aka 'Lura' is a Portuguese singer and musician, of Cape Verdean descent. Her compositions are based on traditional Cape-Verdean music as for example the Morna, Funaná and Batuque, and influenced by African and contemporary Western music. Lura was born in Portugal to Cape Verdean parents in 1975. Her father came from Santiago and her mother from Santo Antao. Initially she wanted to become a dancer or a swimming instructor. She became a singer at the age of seventeen when Juka, an artist from São Tomé and Príncipe, asked her to sing a duet with him for a music album. The album became a success, and subsequently she participated in productions by artists such as Bonga, Tito Paris, Paulo Flores and Paulino Vieira.


Melissa Fortes

As a professional singer Melissa has been active for over twelve years. She has had the chance to work with various famous national and international artists. Singing backing vocals for Sharon Doorson, Nelson Freitas, Dina Medina, Gregor Salto and CaboCubaJazz Melissa performed on stages all around the world. Melissa's music is a mix of warm Cape Verdean and Brazilian influences and a touch of jazz and soul. She loves World Music and is especially drawn to artists that aren't afraid to mix up traditional music with contemporary styles.